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Agustina I can help from Saturday’s to Wednesday’s

Romsdalsgade, Copenhagen Municipality, Denmark
ApoteksbesøgFølelsesmæssig støtteHundeluftningIndkøb

My name is Agustina, I’m 29 years old, I’m Argentinian. I moved to Denmark this month and this pandemic happened, so I’m waiting until passes to find a regular job. Meanwhile, I would like to help someone to overcome this special time, maybe with a chat or helping with some task. This is the moment when we have to be together, supporting each other. Maybe we have to embrace the loneliness, or accept that we need help to get through this. Doesn’t matter how it’s gonna be, but this will change us, and we have to strengthen ourselves as a community to learn and cope with this situation, and I want to be part of this.